1-Many ABM Campaign: Brooks Bell for Travel & Hospitality

Just because you have a small team and a tiny budget, doesn’t mean you can’t do ABM. Brooks Bell, a boutique consulting firm focused on digital experimentation and optimization, sought to build awareness of its services within marketing and analytics leaders in the travel and hospitality vertical and I was up for the challenge.

The campaign began with a webinar co-hosted by Brooks Bell and one of our technology partners, ContentSquare. The topic, title and promotional copy for the webinar was strongly influenced by search volume data, with the goal that the content could eventually rank and promote itself.

After the live webinar, registrants were placed into a multi-touch email nurture sequence with the intention of providing additional strategic value while increasing knowledge of Brooks Bell’s products and services. Our sales team would reach out only as leads engaged with the content and reached the required lead scoring threshold.

Additional Travel Content:

  • 10 Digital Trends in Travel & Hospitality (pdf, landing page)
  • Travel Brands Doing Personalization Right (blog post)
  • 6 Ideas for Optimizing Your Booking Funnel (pdf, landing page)
  • 7 Travel & Hospitality Companies Hiring A/B Testing Pros (blog post)
  • IHG Case Study (web page)
  • Brooks Bell for Travel & Hospitality (web page)
  • Meet the Moderators: Doug Mitchell, Manager of Testing & Optimization at Southwest Airlines (blog post)
    Note: Brooks Bell’s main source of new business opportunities was Click Summit, an annual conference hosted for experimentation professionals. As such, I felt it was beneficial to bring in a Click Summit -related touchpoint into the experience.

After the live webinar concluded, we continued to promote the on-demand webinar and other TOFU blog content to target accounts through both organic and paid channels to bring more leads through the experience. We also deployed retargeting with ads promoting Click Summit to attendees.

My role in all of this? I took the lead on strategizing, creating and promoting all the content in this campaign and any associated promotional materials (ads, emails and social media posts). My work also included taking on partner marketing responsibilities to coordinate and produce the webinar, working with designers to create a unique visual style for the campaign, and managing contractors to produce the content.

$600 for creative
$5,000 for promotion and retargeting

Results: 8 opportunities, 2 closed/won in travel vertical, ACV of over $50,000

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