A Better Way: Brand Awareness Campaign

PitchBook’s “A Better Way” campaign was launched in April 2016. The campaign focused on communicating the core value of the PitchBook Platform by highlighting employees who are leading these initiatives. This was a strategic effort to humanize our brand, as well as build awareness of our products.

The below ads and corresponding landing pages will illustrate the strategic concept behind this campaign (click the ads to see each of the landing pages)

Ad Concepts and Landing Pages

Copy: Alyssa Riddle / Design: Jennifer Sam

valuation ad research private companies  fundraising ad buyers list ad benchmark fund ad

Additional Content

Halfway through the campaign, we also rolled out an employee spotlight video. We did this to test the waters, seeing how receptive our audience would be to more creative, storytelling-type content. This was a new endeavor, but we found it to be very successful, particularly on social media channels.

research companies

Social Media Posts:




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