Product Launch: PitchBook API and Data Feed

PitchBook’s API and Data Feed, together known as Direct Data Access, launched in June 2016. This brand new product offering enabled PitchBook clients to bring PitchBook’s private equity and venture capital data into their own internal systems and software.

This campaign presented a lot of strategic challenges. The breadth and depth of PitchBook’s data, along with the technicalities of an API and Data Feed product made communicating the benefits of this new product to prospective customers quite challenging. Additionally, when marketing an API, you usually make sure to include the technical consumer–the developers who will be implementing the tool–in your target market. However many of PitchBook clients don’t have an in-house development team and functioned more as technical gatekeepers in the B2B decision-making structure. As such, we had to adapt our approach to ensure we reached the right internal champions, and create marketing materials targeted at a developer audience at a later stage in the buyer’s journey.

Thought Leadership

Talking Shop: Building Great Products for the Now Economy

Social Media


angus ad 1  CRM Goals ad drive ad

Product Video

Website Landing Page

Api and Datafeed page

Sales Collateral

Copy: Myself / Design: Jennifer Sam

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 5.03.37 PM


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